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About Mr Deemer

Mr. Roger Deemer teaches 7th grade math and High School Business math at Glen Lake Secondary School. He started there in 2008, and feels like he’s found a home and meaningful purpose in teaching the students, who he cares about deeply.

Mr. Deemer grew up in Benzie County, graduating valedictorian from BCHS in 1980. In high school he wrestled and ran distance races in cross country and track. He was very active in 4-H and church youth group.

After High School he left Michigan for a 25 year career in the US Air Force. He graduated in the top 5% of his class at the USAF Academy with a double major in Math and Astronautical Engineering. He later earned a Masters Degree in Physics from the AF Institute of Technology. While in the USAF Mr. Deemer launched satellites at Cape Canaveral;  developed ground-based and airborne laser weapons; measured tactical missile signatures in visible, infra-red, and ultraviolet spectrums; advanced the state-of-the art in night vision goggles; managed collaborative international R&D; and taught program management and leadership principles to military leaders.

Upon retiring from the USAF Mr. Deemer moved back to the rural woodlands of Benzie County where he now lives on a small hobby farm with his wife and 3 children. Besides teaching math he’s active in his church and serves as Charter Representative and Assistant Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 105 based in Lake Ann.


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  • ann choate

    cool to have your history in a nutshell. you have led a full, busy life.

  • Dale Scheiern

    Thank- you for sharing ! I hope Evan will do his best in your class.

  • Todd Ritter

    First and foremost, thank you for your service. I wish we would have known about this site the first semester. This is great. It be nice if all of Jarred’s teachers had something similar.

  • Barb Duperon

    Just wanted to check on your daughter and how she is doing. Tony is really concerned about her and wanted to know if she is ok. If you get a chance, please let me know.

  • Tonya Wuerfel

    Thank you for the email you sent out today and we look forward to using this site throughout the school year. Cam is excited about taking your class.

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